Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bandarban: Chingri Jhiri Waterfall After Boga Lake

Friday, 17th September 2010

Chingri Jhiri, A waterfall, located just around half an hour of straightforward walking distance from Boga Lake. You'll find lots of people who used to visit Boga lake, and miss this place(I was one of them). Also, everyday lots of "traveler pedestrian" used to pass this place while they are in an ecstasy of vanquishing the Keokaradong peak, and miss this place. While returning after conquering the Keokaradong, they are so tired to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall, so missed again.

Two days before, we were in a hurry to reach the next destination before sunset, and didn't have enough time to get near to the waterfall. But, when returning, it was at the middle of the day, and this time I didn't miss this opportunity. Some of my teammates didn't show any interest about this one, and moved for Boga Lake to get some rest. Me, and few enthusiastic people left behind to enjoy this bewitching beauty.

This waterfall is a bit deeper from the main path. And from path its not visible. Also the sound of the waterfall is not that much clear from here. If you want to go there, you have to pass some large rock boulders and needs to do some toil. These are somehow few other reasons that made this place clandestine, according to my thoughts.

Its not that much tough path to get near the bottom of the waterfall, even at rainy season. But initially I was tried to reach the bottom without soaking my boots. But that was hard for me, and finally my boots get wet once again like last 4 days. I took time to reach at the bottom, cause I was snapping the beauty from my every steps. Its a normal sized waterfall liker others from Bangladesh. The amount of water is not that much great today, but when the water is falling, it just spread over the wall, and made this wider.

By the way, I'm not sure whether its called "Chinri" or "Chingri", cause both sounds same from tribal people, when they speak.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bandarban: Expedition Rumana, Day-2

Continuation from Day-1

Tuesday, 14th September 2010

I didn't have a sound sleep last night. But the amount of sleep I got is handy enough considering the situation. I think it was around 5:00 at morning, and I was feeling something moving near my head. Just lifted my head a bit, and found a large frog just sitting beside my head. I got surprised that it was not moving, possible it was with me at whole night. But you know, its kind of odd to keep such a company when you know it's existence. So I just grabbed my unwanted friend and dumped under through the chasm of my bed.

Everybody was tired yesterday due to incessant journey, and last night we were anxious about waking up at early morning. But you know, it was a tribal shop(extension of tea stall), the owner came at early morning, and started to open up the windows(kind of fence at the middle of wall), and we had nothing to do but wake up. It was 5:30 when everybody of us wake up at morning.

Now its time to freshen up. I didn't find any lavatory around the place. So along with my other mates, I had to find a safe place inside the jungle. When you are at open air, you have to complete this kind of tasks before the sun lights are on. Otherwise you may encounter an embarrassing situation.

I have dressed up quickly to ensure that I'm not the one for whom the whole team having a late. There is no breakfast today. We bought some biscuit(Bela Biscuit) from the shop. My teammates were enjoying the biscuit with the red tea. I don't like tea, so I was having my biscuits with water.

It was a team for 14 people, but today two of us leaved for Dhaka from Boga Mukh Para. Rest of us started for Boga lake, and it was around 6 to 6:30 at morning. It had a mild rain last night, and we were lucky, cause the path would be worse if any heavy rain. At the same time we were unlucky, cause we missed the maximum beauty.

Today's path was a bit harder than last day. We had to cross some narrow passages, walked over the rocks several times. At some places some of our members needed some help to move forward. Around few hours later we have reached at the first waterfall, Patang Jhiri. We got a long break here for relaxing and enjoying the beauty. You can read more about the place from other article. We had some biscuits here to recharge the energy. Each of the member from the team was cautious about dropping any plastic packets around. None of us wanted to impure the place by those.

Towards Boga lake

After this long break, we had to move for Boga Lake. The Jhiri over the rocks was too much difficult for my standard. I was too much careful during planting each of my steps. Also this time the trek was moving upwards too. Slippy road required an extra care, and the upwards hiking required an extra energy. But still, one of our mate got slipped over the hard rock, and his head directly stroke over the rock. But we were lucky to escape that with almost no cost.

There was a small hill at our path, and for the first time we had to climb such a large one today. Every single member from our team needed a break when we reached at the top. There were several places where the landslides found due to rain. We have crossed those carefully. Some of us needed a hand to pass those places. Partho was one of them, he has some kind of height fobia.

Boga lake, clouds are at far side

When we have reached at boga lake, it was around 12, I think. It was raining slightly. At the far side, We have found some clouds were flying over the houses. Before entering the boga lake para, we had a team meeting for 'staying at boga lake'. Our initial plan was to stay at Boga Lake at second day. But its after Eid, and numerous number of tourists came here, and most of those people are here without any house right now due to heavy rush.

So we decided not to stay here. But we can have our lunch here easily. We have ordered our lunch here, and by that time I have jumped inside the boga lake along with few mates. You know I like water, and like to swim, so for the second time today, I was inside the water. I think we were only 4 who enjoyed the bath at boga lake. Others were resting, and taking care of their injured part of the body, specially feet.

When the lunch was prepared, our eyes were shining like anything. I was so hungry, and was eating blindly. It was a same situation for the others. But the most expert trekker from our team warned us for not taking heavy lunch. Cause our next destination was "Darjiling Para", and it will be continuously upwards journey. So if you had too much lunch, it will be difficult for you. Think again, I was hungry, but I couldn't have too much.

After lunch, we have got more rest. Cause most of our team members were taking care for their feet. Some got cramps, me and some others got blister at feet due to friction with boots. Honestly, I was having problem of walking with those large bladders(blisters) at my thumbs. Still had to put on those boots over my feet once again, and ready for next waling.

During our trekking, we have enjoyed this kind of beauty at every seconds.

I think it was around 3:00 when we were about to leave the Boga lake. First hour from boga lake was easy. But rest of the path was continuously upwards, and it demanded the last drop of energy from my body. When I was moving upwards, my muscles from leg used to rigid, and begged for a rest from me. I'm not habituated for doing these. Some of us were having problem for breathing, cause we were moving faster.

Most of the team members were ahead of me(I was snapping, and that made me slower). I was walking alone most of the paths, it was a straight forward one. Rajib and Partho was having problem with walking. Also Midul was injured and I was walking with him. He was a good company for the rest of the walking today.

Boga Lake from far

Just before the sunset, we have reached at the Darjiling Para, where the others were waiting for us. We joined with them, and waiting for rest of the members to reach here. By this time we had tons of biscuit and water from the nearby shop. When rest of the members joined, it was almost dark.

We had to manage a house from "Karbari" of "Darjiling Para", but it was too small to hold all of us, nothing to do. Before sleeping, my mates prepared a dinner. Today it was plain rice with "steamed papaya". Not that much tasty, but everyone was hungry.

Darjiling Para is a village where you can find the clouds around. For this reason, during night, it will give you a feeling of winter. The wind was chilling. Even at night you can see the clouds when those are passing by you.

For tonight, I have decided myself to sleep over the bench. It was 4 feet long I think, but somehow I have managed myself to sleep over there.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bandarban: Keokaradong, a three thousander from Bangladesh

Wednesday, 15th September 2010

On the way of Keokaradong

Bangladesh is not renowned for the tallest mountains if we compare this with rest of the world. There are very few mountain peaks which are having more than 3000 feet of height. Keokaradong is one of those, and now a days its a popular destination for "easy path" mountain lovers.

Our Bangladesh government claimed the height of keokaradong is around 4000 feet wrongfully and still now they didn't changed that. Even the district commissioner's website of Bandarban has the wrong information. Common people are reading those wrong information, and trust those like anything. If you have a GPS device, you can measure that yourself, it will be around 3170 feet with little tolerances.

Last night I was at Darjiling para, and moved for Keokaradong at the early morning. When I was at the peak, it was covered with thick cloud, and hardly possible to see anything through. The weather was chilling and loved to pass some time around there. I would love to stay for much longer there, but I had a long destination ahead, need some long walk. So leaved the place, and moved for next village ahead.

I have captured the some clips when I have arrived at early morning. Also I had to return back through the same path two days later, and captured few more that time. Compiled the clips from both days, and uploaded to Youtube. Take your time to enjoy the video. Thank you.

Bandarban: Our Boga Lake at September

I have visited this place before, and each time and season this greatest lake from Bangladesh will give you different a excitement. This lake is situated around 1200 feet of altitude from sea level. But Bangladesh government announced this as 3000 feet at their all official documents. Which made other people to believe this wrong information.

During my six days of expedition, I have to visit this place twice this time. One when I was towards the destination, and again when I was returning home. I have enjoyed the rain here. Enjoyed the sun going down, enjoyed how the beauty is when the sun is about to rise.

I have captured some video clips during my stay. I have arranged a video after merging all of those. Hope you'll like the video.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Patang Jhiri Waterfall, Bandarban

Tuesday, 14th September 2010

If you are a trekker from Bangladesh, then you are already familiar with the "Jiri Poth". Its a walking path where you have to walk through the water streams which are coming from the top of the hill. The water level is very low here. Most of the cases an average of 1 feet or less. But some places from the "Jhiri" are having very deep water level.

During my 6 days trekking at Bandarban, our team was trekking towards Boga Lake using "Jhiri Path". Around 1.5 hours before the Boga Lake, you'll find a place having a small water fall. But the surround environment, and the architecture of the waterfall made this extraordinary. This is called "Patang Jhiri Waterfall".

There are several areas under the waterfall where the water gathers, and made those a natural bathtub. The main one, where the water dropping directly, having no depth found so far. Many people tried, but couldn't find the depth. The teal colored crystal water from the basin is really something. It will be hard for you to leave the place.

We have taken around an hour of break at that place. After capturing the pictures and videos, I have thrown my body for a natural cold massage from the water stream. Along with me, my teammates enjoyed the bath, and the break at that place.

At dry season, its very difficult to reach at the top of the waterfall from where its coming. And its rainy season, its almost impossible. Few from my team have climbed to the top during dry season, and stayed there for a night. There is another small waterfall exist at the top, according to them. Tourists are so far, not even the local people used to climb at top over the rocks.

Rumanapara Waterfall, Bandarban

Wednesday, 15th September 2010

Rumana Para, a tribal village is located at the source of "Ruma Khal". You'll find plenty of very small(3-5 feet tall) waterfalls around. Most nearest is a twin waterfall. It has no name. Since its near to the Rumana Para, lets call it Rumanapara Waterfall. If you are blessed with few days of staying at Rumana Para, then you can easily have a bath there. Local village people use this waterfall area for their washing and bath.

There is a small water basin beneath falls. I had my bath there, and swam at that tiny water pot. It was lovely to sunk myself inside that cold water. To get near the waterfall, you have to get down around 30-40 feet from the main walking road. Its a narrow path, and if its rainy season, it will be a bit hard to get down.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bandarban: Expedition Rumana, Day-1

Monday, 13th September 2010

Dhaka to Bandarban

Last night around 11:30, a band of 12 adventurous people(other two joined from Chittagong and Bandarban town, total 14), including me, leaved Dhaka by Dolphin bus service for Bandarban. We'll do lots of trekking and exploring at remote areas from Bandarban Hill Tracks. All of the members from the team were unknown to me until yesterday, not now. This expedition was arranged by "Dway Expeditors". It will be a 6 days of trekking, and our final destination is "Rumana Para". Keokaradong will be on our path at forth coming days.

Today is day one. We have reached at Bandarban town by around 6:30. Its too early to reach the town. Our next destination is "Koikkhong Jhiri", the first bus for that place will start at around 9. So from the bus stand we have started a short walk(a warm up too) for the "Chander Gari" bus stand. Its only 10 minutes of walking distance.

Bandarban To Ruma Bazar

Since this is just after Eid, here we have found numerous number of tourists, and most of them are eagerly waiting for Bogalake. We have entered inside a small shop for breakfast. Still around 1.5 hours left to start the first bus or "chander gari". Some of the tourist paid highly to the land cruiser drivers for the lift. They were not interested to waste a second here.

But we had no options. We have bought 14 tickets, each of costing 70 taka. Get inside the bus, though its plenty of time left before starting. Also other tourists are getting inside. Since the bus is fully loaded, people started chaos, they want the bus to start early. Finally we won. It started at 8:30. Small bus, and very congested, it was hard for me to sit inside. I was wondering how could I pass 2.5 hours here.

I have traveled through this road before. Wonderful, but today, it was a bit risky. A mild rain just occurred at last night, lots of places from the road are damaged a bit. When the bus was crossing over a muddy road, it was giving a feel that it will felt down from road. The wheels of the bus stuck over mud several times. Lots of people was at the top of the bus, and they were scared as well as me. Once or twice the bus swerved dangerously.

Around 11:30 we have reached at the "Koikkhon Jhiri" bazar. Now we have to ride engine boat to reach at Ruma Bazar. Once again, plenty of people are waiting at the doc of river Shangu. When the first boat reached here from Ruma, we couldn't get inside due to heavy rush from people. So, we waited for next one, and it will come around 1 hour later. By this time we had some "Shingara" and "Peyaji".

Bank of river Shangu

When the next boat arrived, people ride on board, and all of them were standing at queue, so that first came people served first. Morning was a bit gloomy, but now its terribly bright and hot. I was at the top of the board. Enjoying the beauty of nature and the heat from sun. Around 2:00 the boat reached at Ruma Bazar.

Most of the team members were hungry. So entered a restaurant for lunch. I had some prawn curry and others had chicken. It wasn't tasty, but we have to do lots of hard work in front, so no choice. I was wearing Jeans, and changed my dresses. I had a track suit inside my back, and put on that for more comfort during walk.

Ruma bazar to Boga Mukh Para

Ruma Canal(Ruma Khal)

Around 4:00 we have started for "Boga Mukh Para", where we'll stay for our night. We were using the "Jhiri Path" for our trekking. Initially we had to cross the "Ruma Khal" several times, cause the road meandered through the Ruma canal. Since last night had a mild rain, the water level from the canal is a bit high today. 2-2.5 ft on average.

Our team crossing the Ruma khal, We did this several times today

When we were at half way for Boga mukh para, the sun gone down. Some of us were using torch, but I was reluctant to use that. I wanted to adjust my eyes with the darkness. Around 8:00, we have reached at Boga Mukh para. There are two villages at here, one is "Marma Para" and another is "Tripura Para", not sure which one is this. May be its a "Bawm Para".

Dumped my bags inside the house, put off my boots to relief my feet, and removed my dresses, and put on a "gamchha", and jumped inside the "Ruma khal" for a night time shower. I have removed my last cloth from my body, and enjoyed a shower with a naked body under the darkness. It was amazing.

View of ruma khal from the house, where we stayed our night

At night, few of us prepared "khichuri" for dinner, with Eggs. After dinner, its time to sleep. The house is actually a tea stall. So its hard to sleep for too many people. I had managed myself to sleep at 1 ft wide space, and used my bag as pillow. Just beside the house, Ruma Khal is flowing, the whole night it was making sweet sound, like a waterfall. I was in heaven though was having problem for sleep.

Next one will be available at "Part-2".

Friday, September 10, 2010

Places of Interest, district Rangamati

Rangamati is one of the most beautiful district from Bangladesh. This the largest district according to the area. Also this district is based on a lake that was made around 1960. If you see the map of the district, you'll find most of the portion of it water, means the lake.

The main ethnicity of the district is "Chakma". Also some Bengali and other tribal people used to live there. If you visit this district, you can buy some local products from here, for example the hand made products for household works, cloths made from local hand-loom.

Popular locations for visit:

If you are planning to visit the Rangamati district, you can check the "places of interest", or "must see", or "tourist spot" items from the link Also if you visited any other places from Rangamati, that is not listed at my link, that case you can add that here as comment.

Where to Stay:

There are several quality hotels from the district. "Parjatan Motel" is the best. But to get a room from there, you have to contact them around 4/5 days of your arrival. Also there is other hotels "Sufia", "Green Castle" available. You can pick any of those. I have stayed at "Hotel Sufia". I was in a Non AC room to save my bucks, and it cost 450 taka per night. Below is the detail contact information.

Cell: 01553409149
Phone: 0351-62145, 0351-61174
Hotel Sufia, Fishery Ghat, Kathaltoli, Rangamati

How to reach:

There are several ways to reach at Rangamati. The best available bus service is Hanif, Unique, Soudia, etc. The cost is around 340 taka per person. It will take around 7-8 hours to reach at the town from Dhaka. There is no AC bus service for Rangamati(except Shamoly, only one AC bus per day).

Also you can Use the bus for Dhaka-Chittagong, and from Chittagong you can take bus for Rangamati. But I'll suggest you the direct Dhaka-Rangamati bus. This will be much easier.

Natural Beauties from Rangamati

Once again another weekend, and this time my destination was Rangamati. 7th and 8th August of 2010, Saturday and Sunday, I have enjoyed totally at Rangamati. This district is blessed with beauty. Also the lake that was made during 1960 added an extra value.

You can not think the district without the lake. Almost 80% of the district is the lake. Also for your information, this is the largest district according to the area. Majority of the people are Chakma, but you can find lots of Bengali people, and other tribal people here.

There are lots of things to see from the district. I have added some photos from the district. Hope you'll like these.

Rangamati: Midingachhori Waterfall(Jhorna)

Sunday, 08th August 2010

I should thank to my friend, and to the All Mighty for visiting such a place. It was around 11 at morning, and when I have checked my cell phone, there was around 15 missed call on that. Means my friend tried to reach me by phone.

View Midingachhori Waterfall from Lake

My friend informed me that there is a waterfall at Midingachhori(some people used to pronounce as Mitingachhori), where no tourist used to visit due to lack of security. That place is around 30 minutes apart form Shubolong Bazaar(Army Camp). Since no army camp, that area is ruled by local tribal groups.

You have to climb this stream to reach at the bottom of the waterfall

When I heard about the waterfall, I was flying like a flamingo, didn't expect another waterfall around here. So once again reached at the "Rajbari Ghat" to hire an engine boat. This time I have asked the boatman whether he is familiar with the place Mitingachhori(Midingachhori) or not. The boatman informed me that he knows the place, but never went there. But he was confident enough. So hired him.

After climbing the stream, just looked behind what I left, cause I had to get down through this one again :(

Once again the same path, this time I was passing the Shuvolong waterfall, and had no time to stop there. Both side of the river has hills covered with solid rocks. At Shublong bazaar, you have to stop your boat, and the Army will ask you about your voyage. Just a routine check.

From that place, it took around 30 minutes to reach the Midingachhori School. Since no tourist here, you'll find almost no engine boat around. All are rowing boats, which are very fast. Tribal people are moving one place to another using those boats. The scenery around the river is really awesome.

At the school, I had to ask the local people about the Waterfall(Spring, Jhorna). The have pointed me that its behind the school, but to reach there I have to use my boat. From the main lake, there is a small canal about 50 meter will take you inside. This is not visible from the lake.

I have landed my boat at the base where the stream of the water is dropping at the lake water. Its a bit hard to reach at the bottom of the waterfall. Cause you have to climb the stream of the fall which is slippy. But carefully I have moved upwards, and got captured the beauty. The palce is a bit conjusted and its really hard to take the whole waterfall with a single frame, unless you have a wide angle camera.

Its amazing, cause no torust, no chaos, only the dropping of the water. This is producing small amount of water, but through out the year it used to produce water like that. Its a live waterfall, and it never dry up(according to local). May be I can visit this one at dry season to examine whether its true or false. The main attractive portion of the waterfall is, it has three steps, and you can easily differentiate the three parts. I have uploaded a video too. Hope you'll like this.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rangamati: Dhupchhori Waterfall

Saturday, 07th August 2010

Last time I have written my experience about the Shubolong Waterfall. When I was towards the waterfall, I have found a seasonal waterfall just beforehand of Shubolong. It will be around 5-10 minutes before. At the left hand side of your hand.

Everyday plenty of tourists used to visit this path for the Shubolong Waterfall, but most of them don't find this one. Main reason is they are not heard about this one. Though its at left side, but its behind the trees and a small narrow passage. That's why from boat, its not visible to the tourist.

Its not available to dry season, so no tourist used to come here. That's why boatmen are not showing any interest to let people know about it. Also, at rainy season, if they let the tourist know about the place, they will pass some time here, but boatmen want to do it quickly, so they remain silent either.

But luckily I was aware about it, and didn't want to miss the chance. From the far side, I can see a small stream that was falling at the water of the lake, but it is not possible to guess a waterfall exist there. Slowly when I was moving ahead to the fall, the sound becoming more sharper.

This is how it looks like from far side

I have landed my boat at there and moved myself to the base of the waterfall. It was a terribly hot day, but that particular area was really cool. The small drops those are waving at the wind are making the place cool I think. When I was there, not a single tourist was making noise. Don't you think this is pleasing? If you visit this place other than rainy season, you'll miss this.

I have uploaded a video for the waterfall. I think you'll like this one. The amount of water its producing is simply wonderful. I think I can put a sleeping bag beside the fall, and pass the whole night with the sweet sound of it.

An Unknown waterfall at Rangamati

Sunday, 08th August 2010

My second day at Rangamati. I have already visited the Shubolong Waterfall yesterday. But just few hundreds meter apart from the Shubolong Waterfall, there is an unknown(or not given any name) waterfall still dropping sweetly. Last day I have missed that. But today, I had to come at this path for another reason, and while returning with the same path, I didn't miss the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall.

If you are planning to visit the Shubolong Waterfall, then you can go there within 5 minutes. From Shubolong Waterfall to Shubolong Bazar, it will be at your right side of hand. The water from the fall is directly dropping at the water of the lake. The base of the waterfall is a bit wider, and 90 degree steep. The water at that portion seemed to me a bunch of untied hair from a beautiful lady.

The upper portion of the fall is hard to observe. The more upwards you'll watch, the trail of the fall is more inside the hill and green trees. But still a thin small line can be seen from the bottom. Looked like a snake is meandered through. It is amazing to watch this waterfall. In fact its hard for me to describe the beauty of this. For your information, you'll not be able to climb there, you have to stand on your boat, no landing is available.

I have captured a video too. This will give you more idea about the beauty of the waterfall. So, if you are planning to visit around the fall, don't miss the chance. Have a nice journey.