Friday, June 9, 2017

Blue daze - Evolvulus glomeratus

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Common Name : Hawaiian Blue Eyes, Brazilian dwarf morning-glory, Blue Daze.
Botanical Name : Evolvulus glomeratus
Family : Convolvulaceae
Photo Taken : Bangladesh

Blue daze a different type of small morning glory flower. This flower is native to Brazil and Paraguay, but seen at the middle of road island covered with dust in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has few other names Hawaiian Blue Eyes, Brazilian dwarf morning-glory, etc. It belongs to the plant family Convolvulaceae with botanic name Evolvulus glomeratus.

Blue daze is a low growing and spreading herbaceous perennial plant. This is not a vine plant unlike the other morning glory plants (Genus name Evolvulus came from the Latin word 'evolvo' meaning to untwist, non-climbing, not vining). Lens (elliptic) like leafs are hairy and alternately arranged around the stem. This is an ornamental flowering plant that can be used beside roadside, gardens, etc places as bedding or as a hanging plant from a pot or basket.

Flowers are strikingly blue in color and small in size (shape is not like a funnel). As they bloom a lot at a time, and along with that the color makes the flower showy despite of size. At the center the flower has a touch of white. Stigma, stamen, and filament, all are white in color. Flowers bloom early in the morning and I didn't see them last very long. I have tried to take picture of this flower several times during noon and found them almost withered.

Photos of this article were taken from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh during February 2016. It was just before noon, that's why the flowers are not fully fresh.

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